Past shows 2016
24-09-2016 P3, Purmerend (cd-release Anger machine)
with: Anger machine & Thoughtless
08-09-2016 Patronaat, Haarlem (Heavy uit Haarlem)
with: Herder, remain untamed
02-09-2016 Asgard, Beverwijk
with: None shall fall, For blood and vengeance
Past shows 2012
20-10-2012 Solution, Hillegom
with: As enemies arise & more
26-05-2012 Witte theater, IJmuiden
with: My city burning, To heaven earth is hell, As enemies arise, Barren grounds, Volition
05-05-2012 Cross the line, Zoetermeer
with: To heaven earth is hell & more
28-04-2012 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf
with: ---
21-04-2012 Solution, Hillegom
with: ---
20-04-2012 Club Bazart, Den haag
with: ---
30-03-2012 Flinty's, Haarlem
with: Ethereal
08-03-2012 Argus, Alkmaar
with: Bring on the bloodshed
02-03-2012 Asgard, Beverwijk
with: ---
27-01-2012 Patronaat, Haarlem
with: Divine sins & Deafening
21-01-2012 Babylon, Woerden
with: ---
Past shows 2011
17-12-2011 Cafe Merv's, Alkmaar
with: ---
16-12-2011 Winston kingdom, Amsterdam
with: Bleed & Bloid
26-11-2011 The Basement, Voorschoten
with: For blood and vengeance & Wrecking crew
01-10-2011 Cafe de Werf, Hauwert
with: Deathcore & Last fear
02-07-2011 De Koe, Velserbroek
with: Volition & more
14-05-2011 Patronaat, Haarlem
with: The faceless, Born of osiris & Veil of Maya
22-04-2011 LVC, Leiden
with: Ethereal & more
19-03-2011 Het Kasteel, Alphen aan den Rijn
with: Romeo must die & My city burning
18-02-2011 Victorie, Alkmaar
with: Bring on the bloodshed, Barren grounds & more
13-01-2011 Altersonic, Groningen
with: Borgaard & more
Past shows 2010
02-10-2010 The Mix, UitHoorn
with: Polydrone
19-09-2010 Paradiso, Amsterdam
with: Rarely alive, Schizoid Lloyd, The electric jets & Yori Swart
04-07-2010 Kelder, Amersfoort
with: Walls of Jericho, Copykill & For blood and vengeance
27-06-2010 P60, Amstelveen
with: Nile
19-06-2010 Houtnacht festival "Cancelled", Haarlem
with: ---
18-06-2010 Weardse Tempel, Heerhugowaard
with: Cilice
17-06-2010 Exit, Rotterdam
with: Defeat lies ahead & Treatment
12-06-2010 Headrock, Almere
with: Cilice, For blood and vengeance & more
11-06-2010 Watt, Rotterdam
with: Defeat lies ahead
04-06-2010 Argus, Heerhugowaard
with: ---
29-05-2010 Walhalla, Deventer
with: Treatment
20-05-2010 Nozem en de Non, Heemskerk
with: Bring on the bloodshed, Spartan & The Name
16-04-2010 Patronaat, Haarlem
with: Martial mouse & Some weird sin
01-04-2010 The Cave, Amsterdam
with: Seventh seal & Elexorien
20-03-2010 Sex, bier en metalfest, Sexbierum
with: Cirrha Niva, Detonation, Deathcore & Bloid
13-03-2010 Nederland 3, Wageningen
with: Cilice
26-02-2010 P3, Purmerend
with: Adoma, The Electric jets & Het brein dat kwam uit de ruimte
20-02-2010 Witte theater, IJmuiden
with: King nitro, Ganster & John Doe's revenge
19-02-2010 Flintys, Haarlem
with: Ethereal, Gangrene, Goldsick monkey & more
05-02-2010 N201, Aalsmeer
with: Ethereal
29-01-2010 De Tram, Huizen
with: Defeat lies ahead
23-01-2010 Cayen, Enhuizen
with: Bloid, Spewpipe & Senescense
16-01-2010 Manifesto, Hoorn
with: King nitro, Bring on the bloodshed, Spewpipe & Matilda
09-01-2010 Patronaat, Haarlem
with: King nitro, Eye of the hurricane & 3rd machine
Past shows 2009
31-10-2009 Fascinus, Sassenheim
with: ---
24-10-2009 De Kade, Zaandam
with: As enemies arise & Bleed
23-10-2009 Asgard, Beverwijk
with: Cilice & King Nitro
15-10-2009 Panama, Amsterdam
with: Cilice, Last minute to Jaffna & Fire walk with us
09-10-2009 Flintys, Haarlem
with: Eye of the hurricane & Bring on the bloodshed
11-08-2009 Kompleks, Heerhugowaard
with: Crimson Falls & As enemies arise
28-08-2009 Musicon, Den Haag
with: Defeat lies ahead
26-06-2009 De Pit, Terneuzen
with: My city burning
10-06-2009 Patronaat, Haarlem
with: Soulfly
23-05-2009 Iduna, Drachten
with: Kairo & Gangrene
30-04-2009 Willemeen, Arnhem (Queensday)
with: Treatment
30-04-2009 Café Pitcher, Haarlem (Queensday)
with: Bring on the bloodshed, Spartan & The Name
17-04-2009 JJ Musichouse, Zoetermeer
with: Dark Day Remains & Stir up Hatred
10-04-2009 Patronaat, Haarlem (finale Rob Acda Award)
with: John Doe's Revenge, Ram, Ravolva & Satisfaction Injection
04-04-2009 Fascinus, Sassenheim
with: Kairo & Gangrene
02-04-2009 Volta, Amsterdam
with: Dark Day Remains & Power of Chaos
28-03-2009 P60, Amstelveen
with: ---
22-03-2009 The Cave, Amsterdam
with: Descendant of the Unleashed & Seamyside
21-03-2009 HPC, Den Haag
with: Defeat Lies Ahead & Dark Roses
20-03-2009 Todo, Best
with: Payback & Fields of Fire
19-03-2009 Panama, Amsterdam
with: Bound in Blood, Escadron & Devine Sins
27-02-2009 Argus, Alkmaar
with: Eye of the Hurricane, Deadbeat & Descendant of the Unleashed
21-02-2009 Solution, Hillegom
with: Defeat Lies Ahead & Marozia
20-02-2009 N201, Aalsmeer
with: Defeat lies ahead & Cilice
19-02-2009 Winston, Amsterdam
with: ---
30-01-2009 Bazart, Den Haag
with: Virtually Nothing, Meet the storm & Noyalty
17-01-2009 Kompleks, Heerhugowaard
with: Eye of the hurricane, 3rd machine & Bacchus
16-01-2009 Zaal 100, Amsterdam
with: Bound in blood & Real hate
02-01-2009 The Cave, Amsterdam
with: Dark day remains
Past shows 2008
13-12-2008 Fascinus, Westdorpe
with: Tyran
12-12-2008 Patronaat, Haarlem (Voorronde Rob Acda Awards)
with: ---
08-11-2008 Boerderij, Zoetermeer
with: ---
18-10-2008 Villa Artquake, Hoofddorp
with: The Hilton Slaughterhouse
11-10-2008 Nederland 3, Wateringen
with: Stir up Hatred
03-10-2008 Café Lazerus, Leiden
with: So called Celeste
27-09-2008 JJ Musichouse, Zoetermeer
with: Kairo
19-09-2008 Kompleks, Heerhugowaard
with: Eye of the Hurricane & Spacewind
14-06-2008 Beeckestijnpop, Velsen
with: Textures, Minus plus, Claw boys claw
06-06-2008 Escape, Veenendaal
with: Murder by Millions
03-05-2008 Witte theater, IJmuiden (Finale IJmond Popprijs)
with: ---
30-04-2008 Koninginnepop, Santpoort-Zuid
with: John Doe's revenge & The Hype
19-04-2008 JC Joeb, Egmond binnen
with: Deafening & Skrotum
18-04-2008 Bacstage, Nijmegen
with: Plough
13-04-2008 Café Studio, Haarlem (Adamovic Benefiet)
with: John Doe's revenge, Stillborn & The Shit
06-04-2008 Café 't Geveltje, Schagen (Finale Schager Talentenjacht)
with: Dot & Revolution
04-04-2008 JJ Musichouse, Zoetermeer
with: Defeat lies ahead
30-03-2008 Café 't Geveltje, Schagen (2e Voorronde Schager Talentenjacht)
with: Dot, Revolution, Beer, Hennie
24-03-2008 Witte theater, IJmuiden (IJmond Popprijs)
with: Grumble
20-03-2008 Volta, Amsterdam
with: Aila
08-03-2008 Parkhof, Alkmaar
with: Donkey beats monkey
23-02-2008 Walhalla, Deventer
with: Aggro
10-02-2008 Café 't Geveltje, Schagen (1e Voorronde Schager Talentenjacht)
with: Dot & Revolution
09-02-2008 Allround, Mijdrecht
with: So called Celeste & Jacky Heretic
03-02-2008 Pub Crawler, Haarlem
with: ---
02-02-2008 Café Stiels, Haarlem
with: So Called Celeste
12-01-2008 Café Mukkes, Leeuwarden
with: Gangrene
Past shows 2007
24-11-2007 Zaal 100, Amsterdam
with: My city Burning
27-10-2007 Witte theater, IJmuiden
with: ---
20-10-2007 De Til, Haarlem
with: ---
28-09-2007 Hiernaast, Wijchen
with: Gilo
23-09-2007 Winston, Amsterdam
with: ---
11-08-2007 Asgard, Beverwijk
with: ---
07-07-2007 Flinty's, Haarlem
with: ---
30-06-2007 Dwarsligger, IJmuiden
with: My city burning
03-06-2007 Pubcrawler, Haarlem
with: ---
25-05-2007 Flinty's, Haarlem
with: ---
19-05-2007 The Cave, Amsterdam
with: Stillborn
04-05-2007 Get Rhythm, Ridderkerk
with: Stillborn